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Welcome to Walhalla Middle School

Walhalla Middle School enjoyed many successes in academics and extra-curricular activities this year. We continued to strengthen parent and community relations and focused staff development on implementing the John Collins Thinking and Writing program.

We had an exciting academic year. Over 51% of our seventh and eighth grade students received high school credit in various classes, including Algebra I, English I, geometry, and keyboarding. This year, one-third of our eighth graders were enrolled in English I Honors. All 72 students passed the EOC with a mean score of 92.8. Over 63% of our students met their spring-to-spring growth targets on MAP in reading, and over 64% in language usage and math. Our goal by 2017 is 67% in all areas. We had 25 Junior Scholars, six Duke-TIP Scholars, and one-third of our students received a scholastic award for maintaining an overall 93 average in core classes for the year.

We strongly believe participation in extra-curricular activities has a positive impact on academic performance. Many of the students who receive academic recognition are also members of athletic teams, fine arts programs, and/or academic teams and clubs. Our boys' and girls' basketball teams were region runner-ups. Our fine arts program continued a tradition of excellence. Band, chorus, and strings received superior ratings at solo and ensemble and concert festivals. Success in our extra-curricular programs is a result of hard work by the students, faculty sponsors, and coaches.

We continued working to bridge the school and community with our School Improvement Council and Parent/Teacher Organization. The School Improvement Council's goals for 2016-17 are to enhance the Razor class with character development initiatives and to continue outreach to the Walhalla and Salem communities. Our PTO held several fund raisers, including the second- annual chili cook-off. PTO helped fund carts for mobile Chromebook labs.

We always appreciate the support from our parents and community as we continue to strive to be one of the elite schools in the state and nation. The evidence will be in improving test scores, student participation in activities, and providing a staff of lifelong learners.